Who, What and Where

The last thing this town needs is another cleaning agency.......well lucky for you....that’s what we are not! We offer so much more. We thought the industry was lacking a service that we all seem so desperate to need right now... a cleaning service that goes the extra mile as and when you need it! If you are a Khloe Kardashian of this world then our service is for you!

What we offer..... all our services are completely tailored to you, we have a Hinch style cleaning approach so we won’t leave your home without our famous cushion karate chop, do you want an organised pantry style cupboard, cutlery draw organising, or maybe you want an organised wardrobe with a colour co ordinating knicker drawer, but quite frankly we offer everything to dinner party set ups, Christmas tree styling, home decor and style, room re shuffle, personal shopping, decluttering, zero waste basics with the removal of unwanted items which we can sell on Depop for you or maybe it’s just a charity shop run.....

Our office is based in Leigh on sea and we offer our services in the Essex area